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 Madagascar Ground Geckos as Pets

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PostSubject: Madagascar Ground Geckos as Pets   Mon May 31, 2010 7:27 pm

Madagascar Ground Geckos
From Lianne McLeod, DVM

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Scientific Name for Madagascar Ground Geckos:
Paroedura pictus
Sometimes called big headed gecko and pictus gecko

Life Span:
Up to 10 years

4-6 inches

Nocturnal. Do not house males together.

Tanks for Madagascar Ground Geckos:
10 gallon aquarium is the minimum size for a single Madagascar ground gecko. Rock, branches, live or artificial plants, and cork bark can be used to decorate the tank. Make sure a couple of hides (caves, boxes, flower pots etc) are provided, one at either end of the temperature gradient. A small dish of water should be provided.

A substrate that retains humidity is preferred: coconut fiber, orchid bark, sphagnum moss, peat moss, or a mixture work well for Madagascar ground geckos.

Temperature and Humidity:
A day time gradient of 85-90 F (29-30 C) should be maintained; this can drop to 74-76 F (23-24 C) at night . Heat can be provided with undertank heat tape, and this can be supplemented with a lamp using a bulb designed for nocturnal reptiles. Humidity should be maintained at 50-75% by regular misting of the tank. A small humidity retreat (container with damp sphagnum moss inside) should also be provided for Madagascar ground geckos.

Feeding Madagascar Ground Geckos:
Feed crickets, freshly molted mealworms and occasional waxworms. All prey should be gut loaded and dusted with a multivitamin containing calcium (but not phosphorus). Adult Madagascar ground geckos can be fed every 2-3 days and juveniles every 1-2 days.
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Madagascar Ground Geckos as Pets
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