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 Spotted Gliding Lizard

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PostSubject: Spotted Gliding Lizard   Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:21 am

Spotted Gliding Lizard (Draco Maculatus)
Source: Ecology Asia

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The long, pointed gular flag is white to pale yellow, with a blue base. Photographed at Krabi, Southern Thailand.
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A recently moulted specimen suns itself to remove the last remnants of its old skin from its extended patagium. Krabi, Southern Thailand.

The Spotted Gliding Lizard occurs in mainland Asia, reaching as far south as Penang in Peninsular Malaysia.

It appears similar in size and character to the Common Gliding Lizard Draco volans, however it can be distinguished from the latter by the presence of a blue patch at the base of its gular flag (throat fan). In addition it has small crests on the neck and tail.

The species occurs in wet rainforest as well as dry, open or secondary forest.

Family : Agamidae
Species : Draco maculatus
Size (snout to vent) : 8 cm
Size (total length) : 22 cm
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Spotted Gliding Lizard
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