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 Who's Ur All Time Fave Hero in DOTA + SkiLLs & Item BuiLd

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PostSubject: Who's Ur All Time Fave Hero in DOTA + SkiLLs & Item BuiLd   Wed May 29, 2013 6:47 pm

applause Tara DOTA tayo applause

Snakes Grp. rep. Lesale DeathBringer "Venomancer"
TarantuLa Grp. rep. BLack Arachnia "Broodmother"
Scorpion Grp. rep. CrixaLis "Sand King"

Common Picks Tapatan BattLe RoyaLe

ULfsaar "Ursa Warrior" Dark Terror "FaceLess Void"
Jah'rakaL "TroLL WarLord" Viper "Nether Drake"
ShendeLzare SiLkwood "VengefuL Spirit" Mortred "Phantom Assassin"
Traxxex "Drow Ranger" Nevermore "Shadow Fiend"
SLithice "Naga Siren" Medusa "Gorgon"

Furion "Prophet" Kel'thuzad "Lich"
Lina Inverse "SLayer" Lion "Demon Witch"
Zeus "Lord of OLympia" Rotund'jere "NecroLyte"
Aiushtha "Enchantress" Leshrac the MaLicious "Tormented SouL"
Nortrom "SiLencer" KaeL "Invoker"

Purist Thunderwrath "Omni Knight" Abaddon "Lord of Avernus"
Bradwarden "Centaur Warchief" Lucifer "Doom Bringer"
Huskar "Sacred Warrior" Axe "MoguL Khan"
Knight Davion "Dragon Knight" SLardar "SLitheeren Guard"
Sven "Rouge Knight" King Leoric "SkeLeton King"

party time BakBakan Na. . . \m/_ -=]GangBang Time[=- _\m/
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Who's Ur All Time Fave Hero in DOTA + SkiLLs & Item BuiLd
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