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 Technical Writing

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PostSubject: Technical Writing   Sat Sep 24, 2011 2:30 pm

A big challenge faced by most organizations today is to ensure their documentation is accurate, up-to-date and communicates the right message in a clear and concise manner, to a target audience. It is also important that the documentation be structured in such a way that maintaining and updating it does not become time consuming and resource intensive. The explosive growth of scientific and technical information, and the need to communicate it to users in easy-to-understand terms, is driving significant demand for technical writers with expertise in areas such as law, medicine and information technology. While that is good news for technical writers, it creates a challenge for companies in cost-intensive industries that need strong writers who draft user and instruction guides, training manuals and other materials necessary to support new products and services.
This is even more important for companies in competitive industries that need to speed time to market, while continuing to meet the escalating demands for technical documentation. Example of such instructions could be: Assembly and Disassembly Instructions, User Manuals, Repair Instructions, Training Instructions, Safety Instruction and Configuration Manuals. That is why it makes sense to take advantage of the Technical Documentation Services of a consultant. Teams of technical writers have extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines like engineering, science, information technology and telecommunications and we can help your organization achieve significant savings in content creation, ongoing manual updates and editorial costs. They provide the experience, expertise and resources necessary for developing, managing, publishing and distributing technical documentation in a turn-key environment.
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Technical Writing
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