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 Green Terror Factoids

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PostSubject: Green Terror Factoids   Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:45 pm

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Peru and Ecador

White saum (fringe)
Dorsal and tail trimmed in white

Gold saum (border)
Dorsal and tail trimmed in gold (or orange)

Maximum size
8 to 10 inches

Males prettier and larger

Pit spawners @ 4 to 5 inches

Not a hider but needs space

Prefers 75 to 80o

Aggressive and hungry

Not picky -- typical cichlid

Not picky

Origin. We know green terrors come from Peru and Ecador. This makes them typical South American cichlids -- arguers over territories, destroyers of live plant life, and eaters of whatever they can catch. One of my friends said he saw several adult green terrors co-existing with alligators in a display at a zoo. Do not try this at home.

Interest Piquers. What first intrigued our interest in these guys was a bucket of four-inchers traded in by one of our customers. We threw them in a 20H and watched them chew on each other. After two of them bellied up, we split them up -- one per each of several 10 gallon tanks. Then we watched as each started developing some very attractive adult coloration. Unfortunately, we have no pictorial records of that maturing litter. We’re starting from scratch with some younger specimens.

New Green Terror. In 2004, we encountered a neon green terror. Our first six were surgically altered by an anostomus. The second batch of six (in a different tank) all jumped out and rolled in crud. The chewed-up batch recovered. The dried up dirty half-dozen did not.. Neon green terrors cost a little more, but will probably revert to the price mean as they become more available. (We haven’t seen any in 2005.)

Keep Covered. If the prior paragraph’s subliminal message didn’t get the message across ... you need to put a lid on these guys. We don’t think of most cichlids as jumpers, but our personal observations indicate that green terrors think of themselves as jumpers. If a danio bails, big deal. Seen one; you seen ’em all. However, you hate to lose a good looking cichlid you maybe babied for years. Or babied for two days in the case of the dried up dirty half-dozen.

Tank Mates. When small, green terrors mix with any number of small cichlids as well as other speedy tank mates. We recommend barbs. We know that anostomus like green terrors (at least small pieces of them) and harass them unmercifully even in large tanks (55 in our case). Small jaguars grow faster than green terrors and in a tank of mixed cichlids, they prefer to chew on the green terrors.

Foods. Green terrors eat flakes, pellets, frozen foods, and live foods. In other words, you will find few foods they will not eat. As with most cichlids, they respond well to color foods. Like severums, they show a proclivity for green peas. Do all green fish like green peas? Suggestion: Avoid the green peas frozen in cream sauce.

Plants. Here’s another vote for plastic plants. As they increase in heft, green terrors grow less and less tolerant of live plants. Weight your plastic plants so they can’t make them float to the top. We like those pre-weighted, cichlid-proof plastic plants.

Sexing. Male green terrors grow larger and more colorful than females. They also grow the typical male cichlid nuchal (whatever that means) bump on their forehead as they mature. Two males in a small tank may will present a problem.

Conditioning Secret. Condition your male and female green terrors in separate tanks. This makes sure your female gets the nutrients she needs with none of the harassment and stale pick up lines male cichlids are well known for. After stuffing their guts with pellets and flakes, add some live foods for dessert. Here’s the real secret to conditioning: Feed your potential breeders several light feedings per day -- not one gut-busting, all-you-can-choke-down, tank-polluting shovelful of food. Several feedings (light) per day yield an increase in girth (especially in the female) and in color (especially in the male).

Water Secret. Green terrors (and most other cichlids) eat like little piggies and excrete like little piggies. Most can live just fine in old yellow water that you would not drink -- unless you go on Fear Factor. However, you need to flush their toilet once in awhile. We like gravel vacuuming and 50% water changes every week on larger fish (25% on the little guys). Add water the same temp plus NovAqua.

Temperature Secret. Here comes another non-secret cichlid spawning secret: Warm up their tank a bit (maybe five degrees). Green terrors and most cichlids (forget discus and uarus) will spawn at lower temperatures. They just spawn quicker at higher temps.

Home Court Secret. Condition your female green terror in the tank you want to spawn her in. This gives her the home court advantage. Cichlids can get very territorial with their home tank. Your male already has the advantage of size and testosterone. Give your female the home court advantage. Let your male be the confused cichlid dropped into new territory possibly behind enemy lines.

Spawning Tank Secret. Got a 20H, 20L, 29 or a 30? Go for it. Bigger the tank the better. Your female green terror needs roaming (escape) room. Very few female cichlids kill their mates. Male cichlids often get too rambunctious during their nuptials. Give your female a cave or three. Add a batch of bushy plants to increase her cover.

Dither Fish Secret. Adding a perceived outside threat, adds to the green terrors’ tendency to bond together. Convict cichlids make an excellent dither fish candidate. They like to argue and can run away at escape velocity. Do not add a male and female convict or they will breed all other fishes out of house and home.

Hiding Place Secret. Caves, driftwood, and plastic plants all offer places for non-ready females to avoid the over-amorous attentions of excited male green terrors. Even pieces of PVC pipes will work.

Patience Secret. Sometimes you just gotta let green terrors and all other cichlids take their own sweet time. Since we’re in a hurry, we’ll set up another pair.

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PostSubject: Re: Green Terror Factoids   Fri May 21, 2010 4:24 am

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Green Terror Factoids
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